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Shock As NRG Radio Presenter Natalie Githinji Parades Her Nunu For Netizens To Thirst On

“Panua kabisa! Sasa hii ni tabia gani surely madam?” Netizens react to viral photo of Natalie Githinji.

Natalie Githinji and NRG Radio have been criticized following a controversial post made on Valentine’s Day.

The post, featuring NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji lying on her back with her legs raised and hands holding her buttocks, was captioned in a suggestive manner, insinuating that women were planning to offer conjugal rights to men on Valentine’s Day.

This depiction was met with widespread criticism, with many deeming it obscene and inappropriate for a media house.

Fred Obachi Machoka, expressed his anger towards NRG Radio and called for the post to be taken down.

He criticized the post, stating that it cheapened the profession of journalism and reflected a sense of desperation. Machoka emphasized the need for professionalism and decency in media content, particularly in portraying women.

natalie githinjiFollowing the backlash, NRG Radio issued a public apology to their audience, acknowledging the unintended offense caused by the post.

They clarified that there was no malicious intent behind the post and expressed regret for any discomfort it may have caused. The station also specifically addressed Fred Obachi Machoka and their fans, extending an olive branch and affirming their commitment to maintaining a respectful and responsible online presence.

In their apology, NRG Radio emphasized that they had no ill intentions and sought to mend the rift caused by the controversial post. They hoped to reassure their audience, including prominent figures like Machoka, that they valued their feedback and would strive to do better in the future.


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