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Trisha Khalid Addresses Claims Of Wrecking Keranta And Flaqo’s Relationship 

Popular TikToker and content creator Trisha Khalid has addressed rumors surrounding her relationship with fellow content creator Keranta and Flaqo, after speculation of an affair surfaced.

The rumors gained traction when Trisha and Keranta began collaborating on content, leading fans to question the nature of their relationship.

Additionally, Flaqo’s girlfriend, Keranta, seemed to be less present in his content, fueling speculation of a possible rift.

However, Trisha has been quick to dismiss any romantic involvement with Flaqo, emphasizing that they are simply good friends and collaborators.

She reiterated that their decision to work together on content is purely professional.

Despite Trisha’s attempts to clarify the situation, the rumors persist. Some have even questioned her relationship with Keranta. Trisha clarified that while she follows Keranta on Instagram and appreciates her content, they have never met or spoken.

“Surprisingly I have never met Keranta but we follow each other on Instagram and I like her contents, sometimes I do like her posts however we don’t and have never talked,” Trisha clarified.

Trisha explained the process of creating content with Flaqo, emphasizing that Keranta has never been present during their collaborations. She described their workflow, which involves scripting, filming, and then parting ways afterward.

Having recently relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi to focus on her creative career, Trisha remains committed to her professional endeavors and hopes to put an end to the ongoing speculation surrounding her personal life.

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