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Nadia Mukami Reacts After Kanyari Was Gifted Condoms In His Church’s Altar

Nadia Mukami has joined the list of Kenyans who have been displeased by Pastor Kanyari’s recent video in church, where he received weird gifts from a female TikTok fan.

Righ in the altar of his church, Salvation Healing Ministry, on Sunday May 19, Kanyari was handed a packet of condoms, Arimis and kotex panty liners, leaving Kenyans in shock as to what the church had become of.

The gifter, identified as Faith Peters,  claimed that she was giving him a lifetime protection because a chain of women were now after him, urging the preacher not to reject them.

In a post she shared on her Insta stories, Nadia expressed displeasure of the actions. She said that content creation should have limits.

“That pastor Kanyari video is cringe!! Kuna limits ya madhabahu. Hii content creation iwe na limits jamani. If not for the respect for our church and religion, but  for the fear of God! Madhabahu hayachezewi!” the mother of one said.

On Tuesday May 21, in a live TikTok session, Kanyari defended himself saying that he thought the gifts were money, revealing that he was embarrassed by the turn of events.

“Hawa TikTokers wananiletea aibu,” Kanyari noted. “Aliniambia nifungue karatasi nikadhania ni pesa zimejaa hapo ndani kumbe ni condoms .”

Speaking after the awkward church moment, Faith Peters justified her actions saying her intention was to urge Kanyari as well as other preachers to protect themselves.

“That was just a reminder not just to Kanyari but to other pastors to protect themselves. Pastors face a lot of temptations…I’m advocating for men and women to have protected intercourse. I’m going to spread this gospel everywhere so that people do not contract HIV/AIDs and STIs,” she said.

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