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I Don’t Regret Ditching Gospel Music, The Environment Was Toxic – Willy Paul

Singer Willy Paul has claimed that he would be now dead or would have gone crazy had he not ditched the gospel music industry.

According to him, the environment was very toxic warranting his departure but he doesn’t regret his decision of joining secular music.

“There are things that were happening when I was in gospel, they know it themselves, the people I was with, they know what they did to me. I have never had the energy to talk about it but I had to survive, I did what I did and I don’t regret being where I am today. Had I not made the move, you would have heard this guy took away his life, or he went crazy. The environment was toxic for me,” he  told Mzazi Willy M Tuva in an interview.

Willy Paul noted that the people he was looking up to in the industry were keen on destroying his career, by ensuring that he goes back to Mathare after being uplifted by God.

Aside from that, they would criticize his youthful way of doing gospel music claiming that his songs sounded secular, while advocating for him to produce songs that sounded like choir.

“There a lot of such things that it reached a point that there was incitement and I was blacklisted from gospel radio and TV shows because they though I was tough headed, I wasn’t doing the wrong things they wanted me to do, so I had to leave and stand up for myself. They were crushing me, hurting my feelings because I was doing music in a youthful way, how would I start singing a choir. You can’t dictate to a person how he will worship his God,”  the Saldido Recording label owner recounted.

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