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Sifichi Hii Kisogo! Charlene Ruto Asks Critics To Deal With Her Big Forehead

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto has responded to those making fun of her forehead vowing she will not tolerate cyberbullying.

In an interview with Victoria Rubadiri on Citizen TV, Charlene noted that trolls have a tendency of mocking her forehead, dressing, how she puts on her makeup and even her hair.

“So even as I was going to the counties, I was going just as Charlene, I wanted to see how people were living….and the reception I would get is all these security, everybody was asking so what is Charlene going to do in the counties, and I am seeing my face in the front page of the papers and am asking myself is what I am doing the greatest interest of our nation don’t we have better things to discuss?” She said.

Charlene added that she was unapologetic about her big forehead and vowed not to cover it, stressing that she loves it so much.

“It came with a lot of online scrutiny about my dressing,about how I do my make up,about my hair. I have a big forehead and I love my forehead ..I mean and I don’t hide it..the people who style my hair I tell them don’t hide the forehead it’s there I love it, God blessed me with it,” she said.

Charlene also disclosed that she even encourages her hair stylists not to cover her forehead because she loves it that way.

“After this online bullying I decided to include it as part of the 30 things that I work on..that is something I am slowly and surely working towards and encouraging our young people that with the online space we have been given we don’t have to use it negatively, let us use the platform to encourage each other to speak positively about each other,”

Ruto’s daughter urged the youth to use social media platforms for positive engagements instead of bringing each other down as it does not help.

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