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Timmy Tdat Claims He Had Hot Siex With Kush Tracy Countless Times In His Bedsitter

“Nilichapa hiyo mali sana!” Timmy Tdat says after Kush Tracy alleged that they did not have lungula or date.

Timmy Tdat, a Kenyan artist, recently opened up about his past relationship with Kush Tracy, expressing gratitude for the time they spent together.

In a candid interview, Timmy acknowledged their romantic involvement, thanking Kush Tracy for sharing a humble living space with him in a bedsitter located in Rongai.

During their time together, Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracy encountered a significant event when they were involved in a car accident. Their vehicle collided with a honeysucker lorry, adding to the challenges they faced during that period. Despite the hardships, the duo also collaborated on a song titled “ndulu,” which Timmy attributes their love for each other as a factor in its success.

However, Kush Tracy recently made statements questioning the authenticity of their relationship, suggesting that it was merely a publicity stunt to promote their music. Timmy Tdat, on the other hand, maintains that their love was genuine and played a role in the success of their song. He also expressed respect for Kush Tracy, acknowledging her claimed transformation to a more religious lifestyle.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Timmy Tdat was asked about the nature of his relationship with Kush Tracy. Without hesitation, he confirmed that they had been intimate numerous times, confirming the romantic aspect of their connection.

Timmy Tdat is currently dating singer Kendi.


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