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Milly Wairimu Says Mejja Looks Like A Luhya Watchman To Her Now

“Ukisha loose feelings za mtu ulikuwa unapenda unaanzaga kuona akikaa watchman mluhya!” Milly says posting an old photo with Mejja.

Milly Wairimu, the ex-girlfriend of Mejja, has made a bold statement about her former partner. She believes that Mejja resembles a Luyha watchman, now that her feelings for him have faded away.

This revelation has stirred up chatter among fans and followers of the couple. Milly’s comment sheds light on the complexities of relationships and how perceptions can change over time. Despite their past history, Milly’s opinion of Mejja appears to have shifted significantly.

It’s evident that Milly’s emotions towards Mejja have undergone a transformation since their breakup. Just a while back, on May 23, 2022, Milly took to social media to express her resentment towards Mejja on his 36th birthday. She wished him nothing but a “bad life,” citing his alleged mistreatment during their relationship.

Milly disclosed that she endured a lot while married to Mejja, including emotional abuse and infidelity. She recounted instances of verbal insults and demeaning behavior, highlighting the emotional toll it took on her. Milly’s candid revelations provide insight into the challenges faced in their relationship and the lingering effects of their breakup.mejja


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