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“You Can’t Go Twerking And You Are A Man” Robert Burale Speaks On Kinuthia’s Dresscode

Renown City preacher Robert Burale has gone after digital content creator and cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia.

While appearing on the Obinna Live Show, Burale said that Kinuthia should be lectured over his behaviour of dressing like a woman and twerking yet he is a man.

He further advised Obinna not to allow Kinuthia appear on his show while dressed like a woman

“He also needs to be lectured. Why would he dress like a woman twerking on social media. Is he he here right now? No, he needs to be told the truth. You can’t go twerking and you are a man. Is he coming dressed in a dress? Akikuja na dress mwambie achange ndio akuje kwa hii show,” Burale said.

Kinuthia has been dressing like a woman since going viral some years back and he is not planning on stopping any time soon.

Last year, while on an interview with Obinna, Kinuthia said that dressing like a woman is his fashion style that should not deny anyone sleep.

He however noted that he doesn’t wear women underwear such as thongs. Clothes he enjoy donning include deras and female shorts.

“I like short skirts or pants. They are just normal things and I would like to tell people that wearing clothes against your nature is not wrong, people should continue to wear them. Be yourself. Be you and enjoy life,”the content creator said.

Earlier this month, Kinuthia  also lamented about people calling him bro saying it makes him feel uncomfortable.

I can’t say it makes me angry, but it feels wrong. Imagine you’re shining in the middle of the mall and someone shouts ‘hey bro’, it feels inappropriate. Even people might stare wondering who is being called bro. People look for him and miss him. I always say, I think it’s wrong, I feel it’s inappropriate. Just call me Kinuthia, if you see ‘baby girl’ it’s wrong, call me ‘Kinuthia now’,” he said.


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