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“I Can’t Tell You How I Became Mom Of 3” Karen Nyamu Admits She Has No Idea How Samidoh Impregnated Her Again 

Karen Nyamu, a mother of three children – Teana, Samuel Muchoki Junior, and Taraya Wairimu – recently shared her sentiments about motherhood, revealing some surprising details about her youngest child, Taraya.

In a heartfelt post on her Facebook account, the outspoken nominated Senator expressed her pride in motherhood and her joy in raising her children.

She confessed that she had never planned to have three children and had always envisioned herself as a mother of two.

However, she embraced the situation with open arms and has found immense happiness in her youngest daughter, Taraya Wairimu.

Sharing a candid video of her spending quality time with her children, Karen Nyamu described Taraya as the “most extra” of her babies, highlighting the unique joy she brings to their lives.

Despite initially not expecting to have three children, Nyamu expressed gratitude for the unexpected blessing and the fulfillment she has found in motherhood.

Reflecting on her journey as a mother, Nyamu debunked the notion that motherhood is hard, stating that she finds it to be a beautiful experience. She attributed her positive outlook on motherhood to her faith in God and emphasized that it is a source of bliss in her life.

Acknowledging the support of the fathers of her children, Karen Nyamu emphasized the importance of co-parenting in raising her kids.

She credited DJ Saint as the father of Teana and Samidoh, the renowned Mugithi crooner, as the father of Samuel Junior and Taraya.

“One of my favourite videos. Some of our Saturday mornings look like this. Wairimu is the youngest and the most extra of my babies 😄😄.

“I can’t tell you how I became a mom of 3. I’d thought about being a mom of 2 but never of 3. But boy im i glad i did because I ken weya makes our days!

“Motherhood is beautiful. I don’t relate when they say it’s hard. I think I learnt early that very little about motherhood has to do with me. A lot of it is has to do with God. And so it’s all bliss over here,” Karen Nyamu wrote.

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