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Lucy Natasha Replies To Netizens Asking Her To Catch Pregnancy For Hubby Carmel

“Mimi na wish next year mtuletee mtoto!” A netizen tells Reverend Lucy Natasha.

In a heartfelt birthday tribute to her husband, Prophet Carmel, Reverend Lucy Natasha, often regarded as Kenya’s prettiest pastor, poured out her love and admiration on social media. As Prophet Carmel celebrated his special day, Natasha took to her digital platform to express the depth of her affection for her life partner.

In a poetic declaration, Natasha began her birthday message with, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HUSBAND OF MY YOUTH.”

She painted a vivid picture of Carmel, describing him as a man replete with kindness, warmth, humility, love, compassion, generosity, and a heart aligned with God’s own.

The tribute continued with Natasha expressing her gratitude for the rare and precious qualities that define her husband’s character, referring to his heart as pure gold.

Natasha labeled him as “THE BEST man I have ever known,” asserting that God sent him as one of the greatest gifts in her life. She thanked him for infusing her life with joy, hope, love, purpose, fun, and security.

The message concluded with a powerful declaration of her enduring love: “I am grateful I get to love you and spend the rest of our lives together ALL MY HEART TODAY AND ALWAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY KING.”

Amidst the heartfelt tributes, followers had been posing questions about the couple’s relationship, leading to rumors about their status. However, Natasha’s birthday message, endorsed by family members, seems to dispel any speculation about their union.

A fan told Rev Lucy Natasha that they should bear a child next year and to which she replied, “Ameeen Baby India!”


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