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Janet Mbugua: Watching The Movie ‘Past Life’ Prompted Me To Reconnect With My Ex 

Janet Mbugua, whose marriage hit rock bottom in 2021, has confessed that after watching a romantic movie she decided to call her former high school sweetheart and asked him why they didn’t get married.

The mother of two opened up about calling her old flame while speaking on her YouTube channel.

Janet said watching the movie ‘Past Life’ compelled her to reach out to her high school sweetheart.

“I watched it on a flight. The movie, ‘Past Life’ makes people remember that one person. I did an entire rewind of somebody with whom we were kinda together in a way in high school.

“At every juncture of my life, he was there and at the very bare minimum, we were very good friends. I called him and I was like ‘Hey, why do you think we never ended up together?’,” Janet Mbugua said.

The media personality however stressed that she was not seeking to jump into a relationship with her ex but just to get answers for her curiosity.

“First I put a disclaimer and said I wanted to ask something but it should not feel offensive or confusing, I am just curious to know why,” Janet said.

The mother of two further explained that after a heartfelt conversation with her ex-boyfriend, things became clearer to her, and she gained a better understanding of why their relationship didn’t work out.

“It came down to maybe we were not just mature enough or maybe you wanted it more or I wanted it more than you did. Even though we had times when we were technically together somebody would just step down that I was too busy, or not ready or this was too much for me. And now here you are. You are both grown,” Janet said.

Janet added her ex inquired about how she is faring on relationship-wise after she broke the ice to ask him why they didn’t end up getting married.

“After that conversation, he was like how do you feel now? And I was like I mean I feel fine. Then we were like is this closure because we are now very good friends? And the thing is, ‘Is it something that you can pursue or do you leave it as it is?’ The way it is right now is more like we can still get together, spend time, talk about work, and collaborate without feeling,” she said.

Janet also talked about having closure to make peace with past relationships.

“Sometimes with a situation and a person, you get to control how you react. So you’re going to say I need closure and so for instance I’m gonna tell this guy like I know we have liked each other for a long time but I think we should just remain friends, is this something you think we can do?”

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