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President Ruto Says Njugush And Butita Earn More Than Him

“Njugush and Butita are making more money than my salary,” President Ruto reveals.

During the National Drama Festival concert held at State House in Nairobi, President William Ruto expressed admiration for popular comedians Njugush and Edwin Butita.

He commended them for utilizing social media platforms such as YouTube to generate substantial income, surpassing his own salary.

Addressing the audience, the Head of State acknowledged the financial success achieved by these talented individuals.

He urged the public not to underestimate their wealth based solely on their casual attire, emphasizing that Njugush and Edwin Butita were earning far more than his presidential salary.

President Ruto’s remarks shed light on the evolving landscape of entertainment and the significant earning potential available to content creators in the digital age.

“The two gentlemen are great people. Congratulations to trailblazers. Congratulations for setting pace and being an example to our young content creators,” Ruto said as the two stood up for receive their flowers from the President.

Butita and Njugush have been on TV for years before they all started their own projects.

The two content creators are making decent money from views and endorsements.

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