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“I Misbehave And Do Things That Will Hurt Her” Diamond Explains How He Makes Women Leave Him

In a recent interview, Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz made a surprising revelation about his romantic relationships, claiming that he has never experienced being dumped by any of his ex-girlfriends.

Speaking on Wasafi media, the prolific artist shared his unconventional approach to ending relationships, stating that he intentionally behaves hurtfully when he feels pressured, ultimately prompting his partner to leave.

“I have never been dumped by any woman. When I am dating and I feel like the woman is interfering with me, I misbehave and do things that will hurt her until she quits the relationship,” confessed Diamond.

The artist, who has been in the spotlight for his romantic entanglements and fathered four children, also asserted that all his past partners have loved him more than he loved them.

Diamond’s relationship history has been closely followed by fans and the media. One of his notable breakups was with Zari Hassan, who publicly ended their relationship on Valentine’s Day in 2018. Zari cited trust issues and Diamond’s public displays of affection with his ex-partners as reasons for their split.

Following their breakup, Diamond dated Kenyan artist Tanasha Donna. Their relationship, which began in late 2018, was marked by highs and lows, eventually ending in early 2020 amid accusations of infidelity and differences in lifestyle preferences.

In November 2023, Tanasha claimed to have ended the relationship, stating that she draws the line in toxic relationships and has never been dumped.

Diamond’s revelations shed light on his approach to relationships and add another layer to his complex romantic history.

Zuchu recently left Diamond and he reunited with his ex-girlfriend Sarah.

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