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Willy Paul Distances Himself From Man Claiming To Be His Brother

Despite bearing striking resemblance to singer Willy Paul, Jose Kaleson also sings just like him.

Jose has captured attention in social media over and in an attempt to be like his role model, he has also coloured his hair.

He says that he thinks they have similar thoughts and characteristics because they once donned a similar hairstyle.

According to him, sometimes people think that he is Willy Paul but being shorter and less muscular sells him out.

” Mimi si mkunaji mimi ni muimbaji. Naimba gospel. Mahali Willy Paul aliachia, mimi nilichukulia hapo,” he said in an interview a while back.

Jose Kale added that he desired so much to meet with Willy Paul but the longest time he has ever talked to him was only 4 seconds. The conversation was through a phone call.

He called Willy Paul and soon after introducing himself, the phone was disconnected. Efforts to reach him through Whatsapp were also futile.

Willy Paul
Jose Kaleson

He wants to meet Wilky Paul because he wants to sing a gospel song with him that he believes would be a hit.

Willy Paul has however come out to set the record straight, denying any relationship with with Jose.

“It has come to my attention that the man in the above picture alleges to be my brother. I would like to bring to your attention that I am not in any way related to the man above. If you have any complains hit my DM,” the Umeme hitmaker said.


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