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Diana Marua Admits Her Boyfriend Allowed Another Man Living Abroad To Provide For Them

Diana Marua is hoping that her her husband Bahati will not come across her confession.

During an episode at Star Times Hello Mr. Right, Diana admitted that she once dated a man who allowed her to receive monetary favors from another man who was eyeing her and living abroad.

The mother of two said that her boyfriend was okay with it as the money helped them clear bills.

She would also talk with her admirer on video calls in her boyfriend’s presence and he had no issue with that.

“Aki wacha niseme tu, unajua nishwahikuwa na chali kama huyo. Baha asiskie hii story. Nishawakuwa na chali, mwingine ako majuu ananikatia  na ananitumia madoo but namwambia ni ex alinitumia ananiambia ni sawa wacha tulipe rent, so we cheza chini. Tukiwa kwa hao tunaskype hio time na yeye ako hapo kando anajipatia shughuli. Hizi vitu huhappen,” she said in a video that was shared by Star Times Kenya on social media.

A female Guest who attended the show agreed with Diana saying that many people are in similar situations.

“People have different kinds of arrangements and Diana is speaking her truth and she is not the only one . There are so many men, na wanaume wengine wako sawa. Hujalipa rent, hujanunua unga unajua bibi mshahara yake ni ngapi na unakuja unaoga, unalala, unakula na unaenda,” the guest host said.

Diana’s confession has however sparked mixed reactions with some lauding her for not being a pretender. Others admitted that they are also in a similar situation as others criticized her for making such confessions.

“I like the fact that Diana doesn’t play the angel. Past is past ukiskia vibaya hio ni shida yako,” one commented.

“Some things ni kunyamza, obvious hajaacha hio tabia and she is proud

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