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“Lazima Ninyoe?” Miracle Baby Questions Kanyari As He Vows To Help Him Become A Pastor

Mugithi singer Miracle Baby has maintained that he wants to become a pastor once he fully recovers after undergoing a series of surgeries since the year began.

In a live video on TikTok with self proclaimed Prophet Victor Kanyari, Miracle Baby was however worried about the reactions he was receiving about his dream of becoming a  pastor.

“I wanted to become a pastor but people are discouraging me saying that maybe I get anointed with kerosene. I am very serious, I feel that I have a calling to become a pastor,” he said.

Kanyari questioned him why people think that he can’t make it to be a pastor and Miracle Baby said he doesn’t understand what he did wrong for people to hold such beliefs against him.

Kanyari however said that Miracle Baby can become a very big pastor because he was very successful in his music career, releasing hits such as Wamlambez. The preacher admitted that he loved such songs and that he has a star but the devil wanted to finish him through sickness.

“You can equally rise in this calling. Don’t worry. Come I pour anointing oil on you so that you can be under Salvation Healing Ministry you will rise until you will be left wondering,” he said.

Miracle Baby asked him about the things he was supposed to meet, including how he was supposed to groom himself.

” Do I have to shave my hair?” He posed.

“Shaving is 50-50.  It depends with how you want your church to be. If you want your congregants to have similar hairstyle is okay,  ” Kanyari said.

“Once you get saved, you have to be a good role model.”

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