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“Paul I am Sorry, I Love You” Kajala Apologizes To Her Baby Daddy In Front Of His Wife

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala has admitted to wronging her ex Paul Majani, who is popularly known as Producer P-Funk

During the gender reveal party of their daughter Paula, Kajala however said that her baby daddy was understanding.

Paul and his wife were also in attendance.

“I would like to thank Paul  for being understanding. There are a lot of things that were going on that he didn’t like as father. I also knew that I was doing wrong. I had to apologize to him as my fellow parent for the sake of our daughter. There are things I would bring up and he would get angry. Paula also knew that he was angry because he wasn’t looking for her,” she opened up

At the same time Kajala expressed gratitude to Paul’s wife Samira, saying that she is the link between her and Paul, as they don’t talk to each other directly.

“This is P-Funk’s wife, you know him as P-Funk producer I know him as Paul. They have been married for many years and  they have three children. We lover her because, P-Funk and I have blocked each other every where, we don’t talk, I ran to her when things are not going on well, when we need help because of Paula and Samira will pass the information to Paul,” she said.

Kajala further said that she loves her so much. Turning to Paul she apologized for any wrongs she had done to him.

“Paul am sorry if I wronged you in any manner.  You are the best dad and I love you,” she said as they shared a hug.

Addressing his daughter and her partner Marioo, Paul said that he would be marking 10 years in marriage, urging them to follow their example.

“Omari, sisi Aprili 19 tunatimizamiaka 10 kwenye ndoa. Naomba nyinyi mkadumu  muwe example nzuri kwa wanawe,” he said.

Paula and Marioo are expecting a baby girl.


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