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My Mother Realized I Was A Musician While On Her Hospital Bed- Mejja

Genge musician Mejja has revealed that his family never knew he was into music.

The first time that they got to know he was a musician was when his mother saw him on TV while she was hospitalized with a brain tumor.

According to him, he never involved his family in the talent because he lacked confidence.

“The funny thing is that my family knew nothing about my music journey. Growing up, I wasn’t confident even my own mother didn’t know that I knew how to sing, my classmates as well. Also,  I began my career when my mother had brain tumor it was worse, she was even admitted at the hospital, when she saw me singing on TV. So it is not that they(family) didn’t support me it is because I wasn’t confident,” he said.

Mejja says that his mother was so shocked to see him on TV because all along, she had never witnessed his talent even as a child.

“She wasn’t sure, when a parent saw rapping while young she would know, or when playing football. My mother used to be worried about me. I used to write songs behind our plot because it was quiet. My mum’s friend used to pass by early morning on her way to the market, she would see me and one day she told my mother that she thought I was undergoing depression,” he recounted.

When his mother questioned him, he maintained that he was fine but he never revealed that he was actually writing music.

“Because of always being alone, my mother thought there was something disturbing me but I was just sharpening my skills,” he said.

Mejja also opened up about his throat condition and recovery journey. The artist admitted that he was scared when he was first diagnosed with the illness.

“At first it was scary but with time I began understanding it. It is just like when you encounter the unknown. It is scary but after some time you begin knowing. What I avoid mostly is soda and sugary things. I realized that my voice disappeared whenever I took sugary things. Like right now us we are seated in the cold, had I taken sugar, my voice would have gone. I would be feeling bitterness in my throat and unable to speak,” he shared.

He added some times his voice gets lost when he silent and  that whenever he uses medication whenever he is forced to stay outside.  Fortunately, his voice has never disappointed him when he is performing

“I make sure I have my voice before leaving,” he said.


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