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Rayvanny Comes Clean On Dedicating Song To His Heavily Pregnant Ex Paula Kajala

Rayvanny has narrated an incident that saw him come up with the song Hongera, which many believe is a dedication to his ex-girlfriend Paula Kajala.

Rayvanny released the song barely days after Paula and her partner Marioo revealed that they were expecting their first child.

The song, audio format, currently boasts of over 360k views on YouTube.

Speaking to Tanzanian digital media, the singer however revealed that he decided to come up with the song to appreciate women for they sacrifices they make to bear children.

“About the song hongera, there is¬† a day¬† was on a plane. There was a pregnant woman who being given a treat. I though about the many challenges that pregnant women go through until they give birth to us.

“There are those who love youthfulness, they go to clubs to have fun but once woman decided to give birth she will take care of creature. Carrying the pregnancy for 9 months is not such a small thing. The labor suffering is not small. Our mothers¬† give birth to heroes, presidents superstar, different talents and even pilots so that is why I wondered why shouldn’t I appreciate them,” he said.

Rayvanny added that Paula, being a pregnant woman, is no exemption to his dedication.

“This song is special for pregnant women and also those who have already given birth. I have dedicated this song to all women who are pregnant and those that have delivered. Marioo is my blood, family and he is expecting a child. Paula is expecting a child so I congratulate them. The song is special for expectant women. Now that Paula is pregnant, the song is also dedicated to her like the rest,‚ÄĚ he said.



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