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“I Wonder Why Women Find It Hard” Mwalimu Rachel Reveals Why Her Son Lives With His Dad

Radio Queen Mwalimu Rachel only spends time with her son during weekends. Years after her come-we-stay marriage ended, Mwalimu Rachel decided to entrust the responsibility of raising the 10-year old boy to her baby daddy.

Mwalimu Rachel admits that her baby daddy is a responsible man and she put the boy under his care so that he can learn how to be a man.

“It is not easy now that he is almost a teenager anaelekea adolescence. This is what I did. Might be an orthodox but what I did was I now took him live with his dad so that now I take him during the weekends. I wonder why women find it hard unasaidiwa kazi especially if this is a responsible man. It also depends yule ambaye unamuentrust hataleta wanawake , such situations.

“We had a very nice conversation and said it is that time, he needs his father. He is being taught how to be a man, how to grow up as a boy into a man, how to dress, how to talk to girls how to behave, such things.  So far imekuwa na results poa, ameacha hizo maukora, siku hizi nikimwambia kitu aache anaacha kufanya,” she admitted.

Mwalimu Rachel also noted that she believes in disciplining Children with caning.

“To a certain degree and maybe it is also because that is what I have ever known. Si tulikuwa tunatwangwa. My dad was very strict,” she said.

At the same time, she said that she wants to take a backseat in running her company so that she can find time to date and also settle down.

“We are not chasing, we be attracting,” the radio presenter said, adding that she wants a man who is a leader.



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