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Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa Are NOT Back Together Despite Posting Family Video 

It is tough being a celebrity, Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa are putting up fake appearances to convince fans all is well in their marriage.

Pascal and Grace are not back together despite recent social media activity suggesting otherwise.

The two are still living apart with Pascal relocating to Karen while Grace remained in Limuru where they used to stay together before their separation.

The two have however been posting on social media to give the impression that they are still together.

Apparently Pascal and Grace only portray that they are back together to fulfil their endorsement commitments.

The two have endorsement deals and contracts that have to be respected so they have to do what they do to avoid being in breach of their contracts.

Pascal and Grace are endorsing Apple products; iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and other accessories, and as such they have to be together for the commercials that advertise these products.

The two were seen openly endorsing Apple products in the family video that they posted on their respective social media accounts on February 1, 2024.

The video was an advertisement but many people did not see the subtle marketing of Apple products and just thought Pascal and Grace were back together.

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