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Ndo Huyu! Wilbroda Introduces Bien’s Brother Melvin Alusa As Her New Man 

Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda Shirandula has found love in Melvin Alusa and she is no longer hiding him.

The mother of one was seen in romantic postures with Alusa in a series of photos she posted on her social media accounts.

In the caption, Wilbroda said that love is like a cough and could not be hidden.

“Mapenzi ni kama kikohozi. Haifichiki! @melvinalusa,” Wilbroda wrote.


Wilbroda’s introduction of Melvin Alusa as her man comes shortly after she opened up about the qualities that she is looking for in her future husband.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, Wilbroda listed several qualities but emphasized on a few such as friendship and God-fearing man.

She explained the importance of establishing a friendship first, noting that it is the foundation of any long-term relationship.

“For me, it’s important to start with friendship because sometimes love and excitement diminish, but friendship lasts forever,” she said.

Wilbroda also underscore the importance of dating a God-fearing man.

“I prefer someone who is open-minded and with whom we can sit down and discuss the Bible,” she shared.

The Milele FM presenter also stated that she believes in mutual contributions to the household. She metaphorically describes her role as providing milk and expects her partner to contribute equally, such as by providing bread.

“I will bring the milk, but I won’t take on all the responsibilities. For example, if we go out for lunch, I might suggest that you buy the drinks while I purchase the food,” she explained.

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