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Pascal Tokodi Posts Family Video With Wife Grace Ekirapa Dispeling Breakup Rumors

“Watu wamenyambiana kwa blanketi moja achana nao kabisa!” Netizens react to the video posted by Pascal Tokodi.

Kenyans on social media recently found themselves caught in speculation surrounding the relationship of actor Pascal Tokodi and his wife, Grace Ekirapa.

Allegations of a breakup surfaced, fueled by rumors of disagreements, particularly regarding their financial status and lifestyle choices.

Reports suggested that Grace harbored a desire for a more lavish life, leading to a purported strain in their marriage. However, these whispers were quickly put to rest when Pascal Tokodi took to his Instagram page to share a heartwarming clip that showcased the unity and happiness within their family.

The short video, presented in the form of an advertisement, offers a glimpse into the Tokodi household.

Pascal is tenderly carrying their daughter, while Grace peacefully rests on the bed. The evident familial bliss portrayed in the clip immediately silenced the breakup speculations, leaving fans with mixed reactions.

As the video circulated on social media, opinions varied.

Some cautioned against meddling in the private affairs of a couple. Others, however, were skeptical, suggesting that the couple might be seeking attention or clout through this public display of unity.


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