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Cebbies Transfers Breakup Anger To Media After Being Asked Why She Deleted Husband’s Photos

Akothee’s younger sister Cebbie Koks doesn’t want to be asked why she deleted her husband’s photos and also stopped using his surname Ogolla.

Speaking during an interview with Dialogues with Jagero, Cebbie was completely rattled by a question about her marriage to lawyer Steve Ogolla.

Cebbie’s anger went over the roof when she was asked why she deleted her husband’s photos from her social media accounts.

She deflected from the question and went on to blame the media as if they are the ones who caused a conflict between her and Steve Ogolla.

“I would say that people are petty and I would say media is petty because I have a business in the same context. Why are they not amplifying that? Why are we looking at things that don’t really matter?

“Like does it even matter to you that I changed my name or I deleted my photos? It doesn’t matter. I think that we are more inclined to the negative than to the positive ones, so people need to find a life.

“People need to let people be because public figures are people too. Can I live my life in a way that I find comfortable? Instead of living a life for yourself or for social media?” Cebbie ranted like a headless chicken during slaughter.

Cebbie seemignly parted ways with Steve Ogolla in January 2024 if her decision to delete his photos and dropped his surname are anything to go by.

A spot-check on Cebbie’s Instagram account in January confirmed she had unfollowed her husband, deleted all their wedding and vacation photos, and changed her IG name back to Elseba Awuor Kokeyo from Mrs. Ogolla E. A.

Their separation rumors started back in mid 2023, but Cebbie dispelled the unfounded gossip on 22 October when Lawyer Ogolla was celebrating his birthday by penning a sweet message to her husband, a post which is also missing on her IG feed.

Akothee’s sister had earlier on foolishly stated that she was not the ideal wife to Steve Ogolla, revealing that she did not cook for her husband.

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