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“Matusi Nilipata In The DM” Oga Obinna Recounts Awkward Experience With Johnny Hairdesigner

“Don’t touch me like that why are you gay, why are you touching me,” Oga Obinna told Dr. Ofweneke as they shared a light moment during a TV interview.

This is after Ofweneke cut him short  saying they would be back after a break. Earlier Obinna had maintained that Ofweneke is not his ideal man.

“You are not my type. I like my men chubby. Even if I was gay Terence is a no,” he said.

During the interview, Obinna however spoke about his nasty encounter with Johnny the hairdresser. A few weeks ago, the hairstylist caused a stir online when he claimed that he was in a romantic relationship with Oga Obinna, during a game with Dennis Karuri.

According to him, he didn’t know the hairstylist but he decided to play it cool to avoid being misquoted.

“I didn’t know the guy, I have never met him before but I had interviewed Dennis Karuri on Kula cooler show. I also know Kinuthia because Kinuthia is my boy, I always talk to him, he tells me what he wants to say and I tell him have fun with it, he is a content creator but Johnny guy I had never met him.

“For that one, I learnt from my mistakes from my baby mama situation so I didn’t want to come out vocal because no matter what you say you will be misquoted but you can’t misquote silence. So I kept quiet and I told my lawyer to deal with it,” Obinna said.

The former Kiss FM presenter added that his lawyer had taken the matter seriously and wanted to take an action against him after writing the demand letter.

He however said the noble thing that Johnny would have done is first contact him and tell him his intentions before going public. This is because of the immeasurable amount of hatred he received

“He is a small boy, he was creating content he was going with what was trending at the moment and I understood but at least he could have given me the respect of calling me and say ‘bro I want to do this what do you think. Because matusi nilipta in the dm. Leave the ones on public, those ones I don’t mind I never even read those comment, sometimes my manager or PA does, I don’t.

“Guys are so gayphobic that you want to project your insecurities on me. Okay, you don’t like gay people, I have gay friends, lesbian friends, transgender friends, they are in the industry we interact but I don’t mind what you do with your life just don’t bring that to me, I am fully lesbian,” Obinna said




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