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“No Vacancy!” PSC Denies Giving Jacque Maribe Government Job

The Public Service Commission of Kenya has distanced itself from the appointment of Jacque Maribe as the Head of Communications in the Ministry of Public Service, Delivery and Performance Management.

The Ministry is headed by Moses Kuria and Maribe’s appointment was made public last Sunday.

“The Public Service Commission has not appointed former Royal media Services Journalist Jacque Maribe as the Head of Communication at the Ministry of Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management, contrary to social media  posts attributed to Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria,” PSC clarified.

The Commission further said that it had not received any applications to employ Maribe.

” PSC chairperson Amb. Anthony Muchiri clarified that no such appointment  has been made, neither has a request to employ her been received by the body,” PSC said.

“For the record  the said position will be filled through a competitive recruitment process should a vacancy arise,” Muchiri said.

On Sunday Kuria confirmed the appointment of Maribe to his ministry saying that it was done by PSC. He also noted that the government was keen on giving second chances to its citizens.

“It is true, except I am not the one who appointed her but the Public Service Commission. It’s the right thing to do for Jacque as the President Ruto administration is keen to demonstrate that there is nothing like life in the ashes. This is a country of justice, equal opportunity and one that will lend you hand to rise from the ruins,” he explained to a local daily

Maribe on the other hand welcomed the appointment, expressing hope that God’s hand will be seen in it.

“The truth, which always sets us all free, has worked and I thank God for everything. Let us wait and see if the hand of God is revealing itself in my new appointment,” the mother of one said.


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