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“Waampoto!” Jacque Maribe Is Not Our Employee, PSC Declares!

Public Service Commission has not appointed former Royal Media journalist Jacque Maribe.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) recently made it clear that they have not appointed former news anchor Jacque Maribe as the Head of Communications at the Public Service Ministry. This statement comes amidst widespread rumors and announcements regarding Maribe’s supposed appointment.

In an official statement released on Thursday, the PSC categorically denied any such appointment, stating that they have not received any request to employ Maribe for the mentioned position. They emphasized that if a vacancy were to arise for the Head of Communications role, it would be filled through a competitive recruitment process as per standard procedures.

The news of Maribe’s alleged appointment was initially announced by CS Moses Kuria, stirring up discussions across various media platforms. This announcement followed Maribe’s recent clearance in the high-profile murder case of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Maribe, along with her former fiancé Joseph Irungu (also known as Jowie), had faced charges related to the murder but was acquitted due to insufficient evidence linking her to the crime.

Despite the acquittal in the murder case, Maribe’s legal journey continues as the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has filed an appeal against the decision. The appeal challenges the court’s ruling that acquitted Maribe and emphasizes the need for further legal proceedings.

While the court acknowledged Maribe’s involvement in providing false information to the police during the investigation, it also noted that she was not appropriately charged in connection to the murder.

Jowie was found guilty of Monica Kimani’s murder and received a death sentence.


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