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“Kimeumana!” ODPP Appeals Court Decision To Set Free Jacque Maribe In Monica Kimani Mvrder

As Jowie awaits his fate on March 8, DPP has decided to appeal in Jacque Maribe ruling that set her free.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has made a significant move in response to the recent high-profile case involving Jacque Maribe and the mvrder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Following the acquittal of Maribe by the High Court, the ODPP has filed a notice of appeal, indicating its dissatisfaction with the court’s decision.

In the notice, the ODPP expressed its disagreement with the High Court’s ruling to free Jacque Maribe, the former Citizen TV news anchor, in connection with Monica Kimani’s murder case.

The appeal specifically targets the part of the judgment that acquitted Maribe, signaling the ODPP’s determination to pursue further legal action in the matter.

The ruling by Judge Grace Nzioka, which acquitted Maribe while finding Joseph Irungu alias Jowie guilty of murder, raised eyebrows and prompted debate about the adequacy of evidence presented by the prosecution. Judge Nzioka highlighted the lack of sufficient evidence linking Maribe to the crime, instead accusing her of perjury—a charge different from murder.

Maribe, upon being acquitted, chose to quote a biblical verse, “I have nothing to say but for you shall know the truth and it shall set you free,” indicating her faith and perhaps her relief at the court’s decision.

The ODPP’s decision to appeal suggests that the legal battle surrounding this case is far from over. With Maribe’s fate still uncertain pending the outcome of the appeal process, the case continues to captivate public attention and raise important questions about justice, evidence, and the role of the legal system in determining guilt or innocence.

Maribe’s legal team has stated that they will await further directives before deciding on their next steps, revealing the complexity and ongoing nature of this legal saga. As the appeal process unfolds, all eyes will be on the Court of Appeal to see how it adjudicates this contentious case.


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