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“Hio Mafuta Ni Ya Kunyonga” Pastor Kanyari Gifted Condoms, Vaseline By Female TikToker 

A female TikToker, identified as Faith M Peters, stirred both shock and debate when she made a dramatic entrance at Pastor Kanyari’s church, presenting the preacher with a series of unconventional gifts, including a pack of condoms.

During the service, Faith handed Pastor Kanyari a small package wrapped in newspaper. As he opened it, revealing a kotex liner, arimis petroleum jelly, and a packet of condoms, the congregation watched in astonishment.

In a bold move, Faith confessed to dreaming of marrying Kanyari and expressed concern for his well-being, acknowledging the attention he receives from women. Advising him to use protection, she urged him not to dismiss the affections of his admirers.

“I see that women really want Pastor Kanyari, I will bring you protection for life. Use protection father, don’t reject women,” she asserted.

Professing her love for the controversial preacher, Faith pleaded with him to consider marrying her and expanding their family.

“I want you to go from there to Rish Kamunge to come here. We will add more children to these American children, I am tired,” she implored.

Faith’s bold actions elicited a range of reactions from netizens, with some condemning her for what they perceived as disrespect toward the church.

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