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“I Will Spend All My Millions On Betty Kyallo” New Boyfriend Tells Off Netizens

Betty Kyallo has a new boyfriend Charlie and he’s not staying quiet about their love. The 21 year old man is speaking up against people criticizing their relationship especially those that trolled him online for dating an older woman who is also a single mother.

But the young man says he is the right kind of partner for a single mom like Betty. He says single mothers need mature, responsible men who can step up and support them, not just boys. He believes he is doing that perfectly for Betty Kyallo.

He wrote on Instagram: “Single mothers don’t need boys. They need men who step up.” He accepts that hate and jealousy come with the situation, calling it part of “the ecosystem.”

Charlie plans to spend lots of money on Betty too. He says the 600,000 Kenyan shillings he spent to buy her a TV for Mother’s Day is not a big deal to him.

Betty recently confirmed in an interview that she is off the market and in a new relationship.

While some criticize the age gap, her young boyfriend seems totally committed.

He says he will use his money to take care of the media personality no matter what anyone thinks.


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