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Miracle Baby Celebrates Son’s Birthday From His Hospital Bed 

Ailing Gengetone-cum-Muthigi musician Miracle Baby shared a special moment with his son as he turned one.

Carol Katrue took her son Rhonix to the hospital where Miracle Baby is hospitalized so that they could celebrate the kid’s first birthday.

The couple captured the moment on camera with baby Rhonix’s taking to social media to share the pictures.

In one of the photos, Miracle Baby was seen lying on a hospital bed while lovingly hugging and kissing his son.

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Carol Katrue wished baby Rhonix a happy birthday writing:

“Happy birthday baby Rhonix you have officially turned a year may God always protect you we love you baby😍🤩”.

Katrue also shared older photos capturing memorable moments with her son Rhonix.

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Miracle Baby has been in the hospital since January 16, 2024, when he was rushed for medical attention after his intestines ruptured.

The singer and her partner Carol Katrue recently pleaded for financal assistance from Kenyans as the hospital bill surged to Ksh1.6 million.

Katrue said that the bill needed to be settled before Miracle Baby could be discharged and allowed to go home.

The musician on his part vowed to serve God as a preacher after the Lord preserved his life after multiple surgeries and lengthy stay in hospital.

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