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Miracle Baby To Start Preaching Once He Get’s Out Of Hospital

“Nikitoka tu hospitali, nitakua Pastor, and I will preach,” Miracle Baby says.

Miracle Baby has vowed to become a pastor and preach the Gospel once he is discharged from the hospital.

Alongside his wife Carol Katrue, he has issued an appeal to well-wishers and fans across Kenya for assistance in clearing a substantial medical bill.

At the heart of their plea is the staggering sum of Sh1.6 million, which is the cost of Peter’s medical care.

Despite being a big name as a musician, the burden of this expense has weighed heavily on Peter and Carol as they navigate this difficult time.

Peter’s faith remains steadfast even in his hospital bed. He has made a vow that once he emerges from the confines of the hospital, he will dedicate himself to preaching the gospel.

In a touching declaration, he said, “Nikitoka hospital nitakua Pastor, and I will preach!”


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