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Huyo Mtoto Si Pointii, Ulichesa Mzee? Eyebrows As Nyota Ndogo’s Son Is Born With Dark Skin Tone

Netizens are questioning the paternity of Nyota Ndogo’s newborn son who has a very dark skin tone yet he is supposedly sired by her mzungu husband.

Nyota Ndogo announced the birth of her son in a post on social media on Saturday February 17, 2024.

The Coast-based singer herself also wondered how her son came out with a dark skin tone unlike typical bi-racial babies.

“Karibu nyumbani mwanangu.ila hii rangi sinitaambiwa nimechiti.yani umeamua nywele ndio uchukue ya baba rangi ndio hii yetu.karibu abdalla.(URITHI TUNAO)

“Welcome home my son. But I will not be told that I have chosen this color. You have decided to take the hair of father, this is our color. Welcome to abdalla. (THE INHERITANCE WE HAVE),” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

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Several netizens expressed concerns about the complexion of Nyota Ndogo’s newborn baby with many casting doubts about the baby’s paternity.


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