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“Itakua Lombo Lombo Tu!” Stevo Simple Boy Asks Betty Kyallo For A Chance To Be Her Man

“Niko Singoli! Mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto welo welo, mtoto fine thank you!” Stevo tells Betty Kyallo.

Betty Kyallo has captivated the hearts of Kenyan men with her irresistible allure as she continues to flaunt her hotness in a series of photos. From prominent figures like Mike Sonko to artists like Nonini, many have found themselves drawn to her magnetic presence on social media.

The latest contender for Betty’s affection is none other than Stevo Simple Boy.

In a bold move, Stevo Simple Boy took to his Instagram account to express his admiration for Betty Kyallo and to request a chance to be her partner. His message, though filled with his trademark simplicity, carried a sincerity that couldn’t be overlooked.

He questioned the kind of men who would hurt someone as beautiful and deserving of love as Betty, while also pledging to cherish her like a precious treasure.

Stevo Simple Boy promised to shower Betty with the care and attention she deserves, vowing not to let her suffer any form of neglect or heartache. His genuine intentions shown through his words, as he expressed his willingness to embark on a journey of love with Betty, ensuring that she would never go hungry or unloved.

The public eagerly awaits Betty Kyallo’s response.Could this be the beginning of a beautiful love story between two beloved Kenyan personalities? Only time will tell if Stevo’s simple approach will win over Betty’s heart and pave the way for a romance unlike any other or just clout as usual.

“Lakini .. Wanaume mna hurt break Betty Kyallo hua mnafikiriaje.. shida yenu Nini..ona mtoto milk maziwa, mtoto welo welo, mtoto fine thank you.. Betty Kyallo Mimi Niko singoli na ukinipa fursa sitakuweka njaa kama pastor makenzi..nitakutunza kama Siri ya dunia na bingu..najua mambo itakuwa LOMBO LOMBO bila Sinza Sinza au sio?! Mwaaaaaaaaa ❤️🎈!” Stevo wrote.


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