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Harmonize And Diamond Meet For The First Time Since 2019 

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize had an ugly fallout in August 2019 and became bitter enemies when Konde Boy quit Wasafi Records.

The two Bongo musicians on Tuesday evening March 12, 2024, met for the first time at a venue since their fallout in 2019.

Diamond and Harmonize met and even greeted each other at the State House during the Iftar celebrations organized by President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

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Blogger Mwijaku praised president Suluhu for bringing together Diamond and Harmonize.

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“Nguvu ya mama imeonekana leo, Samia Suluhu Hassan!! Leo nimewakutanisha Diamond Platnumz na Harmonize, nikasema hakuna ninachoweza kushinda!!,” Mwijaku said.

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“Nguvu ya Mama haina mpinzani, Samia Suluhu Hassan amenipa maagizo na nimeyatekeleza! Watu muhimu sana! Diamond Platnumz na Harmonize tayari wameshapeana mikono hapa Ikulu,” Mwijaku added.

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Alikiba also attended the event at State House but he was not seen rubbing shoulders with his rival Diamond Platnumz.

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