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Baba Talisha Receives Over 16 Lucrative Deals After Brian Chira’s Funeral

“Grace breaks every protocol”  Faustine Lukale Lipuku who is popularly known as Baba Talisha in the social media circles, has stated.

The father of one has revealed that he has been approached by more than 16 companies for endorsements and partnerships.

Out of those that have approached him, he has remained with the ones that have the best offers.

“Got more than 16 business partnership and endorsements to come.  I’m left with who has the best offer,” he shared on TikTok, captioning his photo which was accompanied by Lady Jaydee’s song Siku Hazigandi.

“You can never bring down someone who is favored and the grace of God is upon him,” he further stated.

To add on that, he was handed a fully paid vacation by Bonfire Adventures and also  Expeditions Maasai Safaris.

Baba Talisha was a key instrument in the funeral arrangement of the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

The photographer and digital creator took up the responsibility wholeheartedly after being requested by Chira’s grandmother.

He organized a fundraiser for the burial that saw him raise Kshs8.1 milion. However, there has been pressure to have Baba Talisha explain how the funds were use with naysayers claiming that the funeral was not worth Kshs8 million.

Baba Talisha has since issued an explanation to the matter saying only Kshs1.7 million was withdrawn from the bank account and the rest of the contributions are still intact.

“Yenye tulitumia ni 1,760, 150. Ni shilingi tu 100 ndio tuliaccount hatujui ilienda wapi inafaa tuongeze. Pesa ziko locked kwa account ya shosho na shosho ndio anajua hizo vitu zingine zote. The only thing I am trying to do is create a trust account for shosho,” he said.

He further revealed that Chira’s grandmother has been served with a vacation notice where she stays and she should have moved by the month of May.

“We need to be fast. Huko amepewa notice after nimemaliza deni anafaa kuhama by mwezi wa tano,” Baba Talisha said.


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