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“Ulipata Aje Ball Na Miracle Baby Amekuanga Mgonjwa?” Questions As Carol Katrue Announces 2nd Pregnancy

Mugithi Star Peter Miracle Baby and wife Carol Katrue are expecting their second child together.

The two lovebirds are set to welcome a new addition to their family in the coming months.

The exciting news was announced by Carol Katrue herself through heartfelt posts on her Facebook and Instagram profiles, accompanied by photos of a pregnancy test kit displaying two unmistakable lines, confirming her pregnancy.

Carol Katrue pregnant


carol katrue is pregnant

In her Instagram caption, Carol Katrue expressed her surprise at the unexpected news, indicating that she was caught off guard by the pregnancy.

Despite the surprise, she radiated joy and anticipation, inviting her followers to share in their happiness by leaving their well-wishes in the comments section.

Carol Katrue pregnancy

While many people congratulated Carol Katrue for her pregnancy announcement, some questioned how she was knocked up given that Miracle Baby has been sick since January 2024.

The Mugithi star underwent at least four surgeries since January to correct his digestive system after his intestines raptured.

Miracle Baby still uses ostomy bags which is used to collect waste from surgical openings in the intestines or bladder.

Many want to know how Miracle Baby impregnated Carol Katrue in his condition.

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