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Kate Actress: My 17-Year-Old Son Is Really Stressing Me, I Feel Like Going To Kasarani Just To Shout

Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, is currently grappling with the challenges of raising her 17-year-old son, Leon Karanja, as he navigates his tumultuous teenage years.

In a recent post on her Facebook account, she reached out to fellow parents facing similar challenges, humorously suggesting a meet-up at Kasarani to commiserate.

In her post, Kate Actress said, “Parents to Teens hamjambo? CAN WE MEET AT KASARANI TUPIGE NDURU, ama kumeflood pia huko? 😭😭😭”


The post sparked a wave of reactions from netizens, with many parents sharing their own experiences and empathizing with Kate Actress’s struggles.

It became evident that the challenges of parenting teenagers are universal, and Kate Actress found solace in knowing that she wasn’t alone in facing them.

Kate Actress became a mother for the first time on July 3, 2006 at the age of 19 when she gave birth to Leon Karanja while studying at Kampala International University in Uganda.

Later, when she married Philip Karanja, he legally adopted Leon.

Catherine Kamau teen son Leone

Philip Karanja and Kate got married in 2017 in a grand wedding at Windsor Hotel.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Karla Njeri, in December 2019, adding to their family bliss.

However, their marital journey took a turn when they announced their divorce on September 19, 2023, through separate posts on their Instagram accounts.

Catherine Kamau son

Despite the surprise it caused, it was revealed that the separation had been amicably agreed upon earlier but was kept private until then.

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