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Zari Warns Her Third-Born Son Against Dating Boys After Her Second-Born Son Came Out As Gay

Zari Hassan recently shared a heartwarming moment with her son, Quincy, on social media, capturing the essence of their close bond in a touching interaction.

The video, posted by Zari on her social media platforms, showcased Quincy, her third-born son with Ivan Ssemwanga, as he celebrated his birthday.

Dressed casually, Quincy engaged in a lighthearted conversation with his mother about his plans for the day.

As Quincy revealed his intention to go out for dinner with friends, Zari couldn’t resist teasing him about the possibility of meeting girls.

Despite Quincy’s assurance that it was merely a friendly gathering, Zari expressed her playful support for him to socialize with girls, highlighting the complexities of relationships in their generation.

In a moment filled with maternal warmth, Zari encouraged Quincy to explore potential romantic connections, emphasizing her acceptance and approval.

“I’d rather hear you say you’re going out with girls than ‘my friends’,” she quipped, underscoring her relaxed attitude towards his social life.

Zari’s affectionate guidance extended to offering Quincy some light-hearted advice on choosing a future partner.

With humor and love, she encouraged him to seek companions who embodied qualities reminiscent of herself – beauty, intelligence, and ambition.

“Go see many as you want,” Zari encouraged her son, embracing the idea of him forging meaningful relationships.

“Make sure they’re pretty like me…They’re going to age like me, be beautiful like me, be smart like me, be hardworking like me,” she affectionately added, instilling in Quincy the importance of finding a partner who mirrors her remarkable traits.

In May 2021, Zari’s second-born son Raphael Ssemwanga through a live Instagram video revealed that he finds men more attractive than women.

Raphael pointed out that it was something he had been thinking about for too long and had come to the realization that he likes gents.

“I took some time, I was thinking every time, and I think I like gents. You guys might judge me, you might think it’s not who I am, but in my heart, I see gents attractive and not females but that’s just what it is,” Raphael said.

Zari quickly come out to clarify that her second-born son was straight and that he only said he was gay to ward off randy older women hitting on him.

“I think there have been videos trending on my son when he came out to claim that he is gay, and it has been blown out of proportion. I am going to be clear about one thing, Raphael is not gay, Raphael is dating, and he started dating when he was 14 years old. And when I say dating I don’t mean sleeping with girls.

“He came out to say he is gay because women are after him. Grown women have been sending n*de pictures… He said that to push these people off he has a girlfriend,” Zari said.

The mother of five, added that if his son ever comes out to him as gay she will support him and help him out as any loving parent would do.

“If for instance or example Raphael turned out to be gay today I am going to tell you as his parent as his mom that it is something that I am going to support him through, it’s my duty as a parent because that will be a choice that he has decided in life.”

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