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Akothee Pleads for Space As She Grapples With Severe Stress, Emotional Turmoil

Akothee has made a heartfelt plea for solitude as she navigates a series of personal challenges.

In an emotional message shared on social media, Akothee revealed that she has been grappling with severe stress and emotional turmoil, prompting her to temporarily withdraw from public engagements and responsibilities.

“I AM NOT A SUPER POWER I AM HUMAN TOO ūüôŹ,” she began her poignant post, underscoring her vulnerability.

She recounted the distress she has experienced since participating in a recent golf tournament, which left her emotionally drained.

“I was emotionally damaged and spent three weeks off duty trying to recollect myself,” she wrote, highlighting the depth of her struggle. Despite her best efforts, she found herself unable to spend meaningful time with her children, further compounding her distress.

Akothee detailed the strained interactions with her family, including a tearful farewell from her daughter and a heated argument with her son’s father over a delayed flight.

“My children left feeling broken amidst the argument, with the old man shouting at me like a small child,” she recalled.

The fallout left her feeling isolated in her own home, save for the company of her dogs after other family members departed for Nairobi.

The challenges did not end there. Akothee had to manage her school remotely and ensure her sponsored students were settled in secondary schools.

In the midst of these responsibilities, she received distressing news about a family member, Felix, who had been arrested on allegations of defilement.

“This took another turn when I tried to investigate,” she noted, describing the overwhelming nature of the situation.

In her post, Akothee admitted to forgetting to send her two sons, Maraga and Samson, back to school on time.

“I realized the matter was bigger than me,” she confessed, acknowledging her limits. She chose to distance herself from the situation to focus on her immediate parental duties.

Akothee’s candid revelation concluded with a plea for understanding and privacy.

“I kindly ask Kenyans to leave me out of any mess. If anyone can help the family, please go ahead and assist them. I am not emotionally or psychologically strong enough right now to help anyone else. Allow me to collect myself first. I have no strength left,” she wrote, emphasizing her current incapacity to support others.

Her message, filled with raw honesty, resonates with many who understand the pressures of balancing personal and professional lives.

“I am human. I am so useless right now that even if you say hi to me, I am already crying. How can such a person help another person? With what?” she poignantly asked.

Akothee’s openness about her struggles serves as a reminder of the human side of public figures, often hidden behind their public personas.

As she takes time to heal, her fans and the wider community are left to reflect on the importance of mental health and the strength it takes to seek help.

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