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Kanze Dena Explains Why She Wanted To Give Up Her Son For Adoption When She Gave Birth To Him In 2006

In a candid interview with Parents Magazine, veteran journalist Kanze Dena shared her harrowing experience of almost giving up her child for adoption.

Kanze Dena got pregnant at age 19 shortly after completing her secondary education.

The stigma surrounding unmarried pregnancy in her community made it a difficult and isolating experience.

Dena revealed that she was scared and felt trapped after finding out she was pregnant.

“I thought I was going to die,” she said. “Getting pregnant before getting married was considered a taboo in my community, and my mother was very strict. I had to find a way to hide the pregnancy, and that’s when the idea of giving up my child for adoption came up.”

However, fate intervened, and Dena’s mother enrolled her in college, where she lived in a hostel.

This allowed her to keep her pregnancy hidden from her mother for a while longer. But Dena knew it was only a matter of time before her mother discovered her secret.

The journalist recalled the emotional turmoil she experienced during this period.

“I was assigned a nurse at Pumwani hospital who would take the child immediately after birth. I was not supposed to hold the child to avoid forming a bond,” she said.

Kanze Dena ultimately gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Nathaniel Amani on April 21, 2006.

However, things took an unexpected turn when the nurse allowed Dena to hold her child after birth.

Meanwhile, her friend had informed her parents and relatives about the pregnancy, and they arrived at the hospital soon after Dena gave birth, making it impossible for her to give up her son for adoption.

Kanze Dena’s son Nathaniel is now 18 years old.

The former Statehouse spokesperson marked a significant milestone April 20, 2024 as her son turned 18.

In a heartfelt message shared on her social media platforms, Dena reflected on their journey together, highlighting Amani’s resilience and unwavering support throughout the years.

Taking her followers down memory lane, Kanze reminisced about the challenges they faced when Amani was younger and the sacrifices she made to provide for him.

“Bwana Nimerudi tena. 21/04/06 12:05 You blessed me. I prayed the Prayer of St. Francis Assisi. 18 years later, I come back to say thank it came to pass,” Kanze wrote.

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