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Harmonize Reconciles With His Girlfriend After Breaking Up During Valentine’s Dinner Date

Harmonize and Jacqueline Obed aka Poshy Queen unfollowed each other after Valentine’s dinner date.

Hawk-eyed online sleuths noticed that Harmonize and Poshy Queen had unfollowed each other on Instagram moments after their Valentine’s Day date.


It is not clear what transpired between the two that cause them to breakup when they were on a romantic date.

However, Harmonize and Poshy Queen quickly reconciled following their botched Valentine’s dinner date.


The Bongo singer took to social media to assure Posy Queen of his undying love for her after they reconciled.

“Da Jaqueline thank you if I say I should write here I will not finish I just want the whole world to know that I love you so much!!!” Harmonize wrote in part.

He further told Poshy Queen that their relationship would have challenges largely because of their age difference but assured her that they would overcome all obstacles by God’s grace.

“Love you so so much, I am sure our journey will not be easy considering our age but I believe if we put God first, when we pray there is nothing impossible. I just insist you stand with me till the end. Many know Kondeboy bit no one knows Mr Rajabu. Love you my love, Thank you for last night we had a blast. The gifts were so different I forgot this car suited grandma Nova to take her grandson to school!!! Love you @poshyqueen Happy Valentine wife of a Muniii.”


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