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Jovial Defends Herself After Insanely Seductive Dance With Rashid Abdalla (Video)

Jovial came under scathing attack after dancing provocatively with Rashid Abdalla who is a married man.

Rashid Abdalla’s wife Lulu Hassan threw him a birthday party as he turned 40, the party was held in Mombasa on May 8th 2022.

The flashy party was a black and gold affair, Rashid wore a traditional Omani costume with a dagger and a scarf on his head while Lulu dressed in a white custom-made body-hugging dress.

Jovial was contracted to perform at the birthday party, however she rubbed some people the wrong way after her dance with Rashid raised eyebrows.

Critics tore into Jovial after her seductive dance with the birthday boy went viral on social media.

The sultry songbird has since come out to defend herself against claims that she deliberately danced provocatively with a married man.

“The insults on the trending video of me at work… Ok I’m just seeing women projecting their insecurities on an innocent act! Mumepata kisababu cha kufungua roho! The “couple” are my bosses those who know the series know better! Fix your homes and stop using me as an excuse! I’m an entertainer and I eas doing my job! Btw was paid veeery good money!” Jovial wrote.

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