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John Matara Finally Tell Police Why He Stabbed Wahu Starlet 

“Nilimdunga kisu tu, sikumuua,” John Matara admitted he stabbed Wahu Starlet but still denies he killed her.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) recently released details surrounding the brutal murder of Wahu Starlet at an Airbnb in South B.

The primary suspect, John Matara, has disclosed the motive behind stabbing the socialite.

Shockingly, Matara admitted to fatally stabbing Wahu Starlet but denies he deliberately killed her.

According to Matarat, a discord with Starlet arose after she failed to meet his demand for a substantial sum of Ksh400,000.

The ensuing altercation spiraled out of control and Matara stabbed Wahu into her thigh, severing a vein that led to her losing a lot of blood and subsequently dying in the Airbnb.

John Matara’s confession is poised to significantly contribute to the pursuit of justice for the deceased, who has already been laid to rest.

Two individuals are currently in custody, cooperating with the ongoing police inquiry, anticipated to conclude within the court-mandated 21 days.

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