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Chipukeezy Painfully Eulogizes Wahu Starlet, Reveals How She Helped Spur His Career 

Comedian Chipukeezy has opened up about his connection with the late Starlet Wahu following her brutal murder.

Chipukeezy revealed the role the deceased played in his career during an interview with Iko Nini podcast.

According to Chipukeezy, he initially reached out to Starlet through social media and credited her for facilitating an interview with her brother Pastor Victor Kanyari for his show.

“The saddest part is that I knew that lady. She introduced me to Kanyari. I remember one time Kanyari trended because of listening to secular music while coming from Machakos as the lady recorded him. I slid in her DM. I am not sure if it was Kanyari I was looking for or her, but I slid in that DM,” Chipukeezy said.

Speaking on her death, Chipukeezy insisted Wahu Starlet didn’t deserve to be murdered no matter what she did.

“When I saw it, one thing that I said was that it does not matter what she did; nobody deserves to die like that. Our society is taking the wrong direction when it comes to that lifestyle,” he said.

Wahu Starlet was murdered on the night of January 3, 2024, at an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi.

The socialite was buried at her parent’s home in the Kamulu area of Ruai on January 6, 2024.

A section of Kenyans questioned the decision by Wahu Starlet’s family to hurriedly burry her three days after her murder.

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