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Inside Dr King’ori’s Fallout With NTV That Got Him Fired And His Show Axed 

Felix Omondi aka Dr King’ori announced end of The Wicked Edition on NTV without stating real reason for his exit.

In his announcement, Dr King’ori said January 12, 2024, as the last day The Wicked Edition was airing on NTV after seven years that the show had been running on the station.

“Welcome to the last edition of The Wicked Edition on NTV Kenya airing tonight (7:30pm) Friday the 12th of January. It has been 7 transformative years and over 300 unforgettable episodes on TV and over 70 million views on YouTube making ‘The Wicked Edition’ the longest running satire show on Kenyan television,” Dr King’ori said.

Dr King’ori however did not reveal the reason why he suddenly exited NTV despite his show having favorable ratings from viewers.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards NTV Kenya for being our nurturing home – a platform where creative was met with opportunity. To every member of the creative team, crew and every guest on each episode your passion and talent have been the cornerstone of our success. Your dedication shone through each episode of The Wicked Edition that we have shared with the world,” Dr King’ori said.


Well, insiders at Nation Media Group (NMG) have now revealed the real reason why Dr King’ori exited NTV.

Dr King’ori quit NTV after falling out with superiors following the station’s decision to wind up all its editorial shows as part of a broader restructuring plan.

An insider revealed that the comedian’s exit is directly linked to NTV’s suspension of editorial shows, a move that has sparked speculation about potential job losses within the media house.

NTV is notorious for retrenchment with even most senior journalists not spared as witnessed over the past years when the likes of Mark Masai, Dennis Okari and others were unceremoniously fired.

Dr King’ori fans are now eagerly awaiting updates on his next career move and whether The Wicked Edition will find a new home on a different platform.


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