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2 Mbili Takes HIV Test As Willy Paul Reveals More Details About Celeb Infecting Young Girls 

2 Mbili was forced to take an HIV test to ascertain he is not the male celeb Willy Paul was referring to.

Days ago, Willy Paul called out an unnamed male celebrity for spreading HIV/Aids by sleeping around with young girls.

Willy Paul specifically pointed fingers at the unidentified celebrity for targeting vulnerable young girls aged between 18 and 25. According to Paul, this individual has been luring unsuspecting victims into relationships before knowingly exposing them to the life-threatening virus.

Willy Paul made another post a few days later concerning the matter alleging that the celebrity he was talking about is a comedian.

“The HIV positive celebrity infecting our young girls is a comedian,” Willy Paul said.


Following Willy Paul’s revelation that the male celeb is a comedian, 2 Mbili came out suspecting himself.

The comedian felt that Willy Paul was referring to him as the male celeb infecting young girls with HIV.

“I don’t know if he was talking about me or not. I’ve never spent time with Willy Paul so I don’t think he was talking about me. It is okay for people to express themselves, it’s okay if they want to tag me. This has not affected me in any way because I know it’s illegal to sleep with someone when your status is positive without protection, you can be sentenced for life.

“It’s okay for Willy Paul to expose the person, if it’s me then he should talk to me directly. I know myself, I cannot infect people when I know it’s illegal. I am not saying I have HIV. But if I have it no one should be affected in any way,” 2 Mbili said while speaking to vloggers.

The comedian added that his father was greatly affected when he saw the news online.

To clear speculations, 2 Mbili said he had to buy HIV testing kits then went and tested himself as his father watched. He disclosed that the results came out negative.


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