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Unbothered Jacky Vike Prepares Her ‘Kienyeji’ Vegetables Inside A Plane(Video)

Popular actress Jackie Vike has stunned netizens after she decided to board a plane with her kienyeji vegetables and even went ahead to prepare them during the flight, saying she had limited time.

The actress was heading  to Nairobi from Kisumu. She had been from her rural village where she had been camping in the past few days.

“Masaa ndio machache,” Vike said, sparking reactions from netizens, with some sharing their experiences in local flights as others joked about the whole moment as captured below.

Janet Machuka: I usually tell people they can do anything in the local flights and think it’s a lie. I usually carry my maandazi or chapati to eat with tea bought in the plane. I can’t buy bread in Jambo jet or KQ, can never be me

Wyck: Hapo ni my dream place unadondolea mboga

Smarter Muthoni: Najua kastove kako hapo chini bampa to bampa

Kikuyu Og: Unafika kama umeekelea maji ya ugali.

One Africa:Naona mumeamua kutumia ndege vibaya

Vike has been captivating her online audience with unique and dramatic video clips.

Among one of her recents stunts, in a bid to promote Naivas back to school, Vike had two grown up men, who evidently exceeded her age, dressed in uniforms to pose as her sons.

Netizens wondered how she was able to convince the men to wear the attires as others commended the characters for playing their roles very well.

The actress also left her fans in awe  in her latest film, Disco Matanga, where she convinced people from her rural village to take up roles in the film.

“You are officially the only one who can do this , convince an entire village to be part of your disco matanga and convince village woman to do facial,” a netizenm told her.

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