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“If You Are This Type Of Woman Please Leave Me Alone” Salasya Begs

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has told women who like peaking at their partner’s phone and monitoring their conversations to avoid him.

In a recent conversation, Salasya said that he can’t tolerate such a woman and they would just suffer because he can never change.

“They should not look at my phone because they found me when am strong am a healthy person. They found me established, am not bragging but at least am somewhere. They should not look at me and my phone, they should not monitor me like a dog,” he said.

“If you are that type please leave me alone because you will suffer. You can’t change me because I know myself,” the vocal mp added

Salasya further maintained that he wants to have 10 children.

The no peeking and monitoring rule adds to the list of the much-publicized qualities of his idea woman.

He also plans to have more than one wife, and then one who wouldn’t mind.

“Issue ya marriage pia ni ngumu. I’ll be a polygamous obsviously. I’ll have three wives. When I want to marry, number one asinipimie na number tu akubali kukaa home. Asiangalie simu yangu. Nilikuwa na mwingine akapiga simu yangu ya elfu mia tatu ikapasuka. Aliona message. Messages zitaingia tu,” Salasya said.

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