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“I am Praying For Me” 2mbili Opens Up On His Struggle With Masturbation

Comedian 2mbili has admitted that he still struggles with masturbation, commonly referred to as ‘Kunyonga’ in sheng.

According to him, the problem started when he was still in high school.

“It is a bad thing but addiction, there are people who drink alcohol but they can’t stop, there are people who are thieves they have made a lot of money but still they can’t quit because it is addiction.

“Thieves are shot, they get healed but they will still go back to stealing. I don’t to talk much about it but it is still an addiction,” 2mbili said.

The father of three added that he has tried praying to end the addiction but it has not worked that much.

“Numbers ndio zimepungua, sahi ni kama mara nne kwa siku,” he said.

Asked on whether he desires to stop, 2mbili said, ” For me si ati napenda ngono, it is just a way to protect myself from people I don’t feel. Ukinyonga, kama kuna dem unafaa upige unamsahau especially if it was just sex. Body count inapungua.”

His addiction has also been influenced by the fact that he fears women, he was heartbroken by them and even being denied conjugal rights a lot.

The interviewer questioned him if he would love to get help and he said, ” Kusaidika aje, I am praying for me and some day I will talk something positive about it. I know I am not alone. People are doing it out there.”

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